Prestashop is our preferred platform for creating and developing e-commerce sites

There are many reasons to choose this solution rather than a proprietary solution, here are some advantages of Prestashop: robustness, scalablility, modular, fast to take in hand, Open-source with an impressive community of developers and users.

Our Prestashop experience guarantees you optimal operation and an ability to evolve the following solution your business needs while respecting the rules of the art and the recommendations of the solution (class overload, development of modules, creation of themes).

Nextase can also help you optimize the performance of your Prestashop site following a technical audit by our engineers. Depending on the case, for example, manage module caching, detect and optimize SQL queries that squeeze performance, add media servers or configure a CDN.

The maturity of Prestashop module management has led us to develop our own modules based on the business needs of our customers (Solsys).

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