Selling on Marketplaces

The Market places on the Internet represent fantastic virtual shopping malls allowing any seller to sell their products on the marketplaces to millions of customers, to increase their notoriety or to generate incremental turnover, with a controlled marketing profitability. By selling on the main Marketplaces, your products are visible to the majority of French and European e-consumers.


Nextase teams are made up of professionals having participated in the creation and development of these Market Places.

They make you benefit from their expertise of the domain in:

  • advising you on your e-commerce strategy
  • by selecting the marketplaces targeted
  • by designing your product database
  • by managing the referencing of your products and the dissemination of your offers on market places
  • by boosting your sales through commercial operations set up on these sites.


Thanks to the tools implemented by Nextase, you centralize all orders and stocks in one place to facilitate the management of your marketplace activity.
Can you focus on your business and fully delegate responsibility for this distribution channel to us.

Our mission to support SEO on marketplaces revolves around several axes.
1 - Structural and qualitative analysis of the source flow
In order to effectively manage the distribution of the catalog on market places, the source flow must contain at least a certain number of compulsory fields, and the data must be as clean and homogeneous as possible.
Several solutions can be envisaged to overcome the potential shortfalls of the source flow.

2 - Configuration of a specific product / offer flow by market place
Each marketplace having its own editorial requirements and technical specifications, it is a question of transforming the source flow into the format expected by the market place, taking into account all the requirements of structure and quality of the data.
The stream thus optimized must contain all the fields requested by the marketplace, and comply with its prerequisites in terms of visuals, titles, descriptions, categorization, attributes, etc.
It should be noted that each sales sector (Fashion, Electro, High-Tech, House, etc.) will require specific treatment, adapted to the typology of products.

3 - Adjustment of the dissemination criteria
To best adapt the distribution of the catalog on each marketplace, it is often a good idea to set up different management rules, particularly concerning the selection of products (according to criteria such as, for example, the level of stock, the brand, the category , the supplier, etc.), the price and shipping costs policy, the choice of delivery methods and times, etc.

4 - Animation of the catalog
Because the primary objective is to sell, it is important to keep the catalog "alive", by relaying promotions, by participating in commercial operations of marketplaces, or in national operations such as Sales, Black Friday, etc. In negotiations with market places, product highlights can be made, to benefit from maximum visibility on these sales channels.

5 - Optimization and maintenance
The referencing on the marketplaces is finally accompanied by a permanent control of the good diffusion of the products. It is a question of verifying that the products are coming back online, and that the catalog is correctly valued. An attractive product sheet, both from an editorial point of view (title, description, visuals, attributes, etc.) and commercial (attractive price, shipping costs, time, and suitable delivery method, etc.), will have every chance of trigger the act of purchase.

Today, for the majority of Internet sellers, Marketplaces represent their first online store and a tremendous lever to acquire new customers.

Choose Nextase as your partner to take full advantage of the strength of Marketplaces. We take care of the development and optimization of your product catalog as well as the creation of marketplaces feeds so that you can sell on Amazon, Cdiscount, Rueducommerce or one of the Marketplaces below.

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