Lengow is an aggregator / flow manager. It is our historical partner for managing product catalogs across all price comparators, market places, affiliate management

We work closely with Lengow's technical teams to optimize and make profitable up and down flows on marketplaces and thus guarantee the optimal functioning of the interfacing with the Partner sites API. We are Lengow certified.

Lengow Marketplaces Expert

Concretely, thanks to this partnership with Lengow, we are able to export our customers' product catalogs to market places and other partner sites (price comparators and retargeting solutions).

For marketplaces, we are setting up a gateway allowing you to retrieve past orders in order to centralize their processing in a single management tool (Prestashop/ Magento). Once the orders are processed, the status of these orders updated as well as the tracking numbers are automatically transmitted to market places to allow customers to track the delivery of their order.

Finally, we allow our customers to benefit from our Decreasing prices on Lengow because of the volume of the various catalogs that we have connected to them.

Lengow Day

Nextase is Lengow's ambassador.

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